• ADOLPHUS M. MADOT (c 1833-1861)

    ADOLPHUS M. MADOT (c 1833-1861)

    Slender’s Wooing of Ann Page

  • JOHN FERNELEY Snr (1782-1860)

    JOHN FERNELEY Snr (1782-1860)

    View of Mar Lodge, Aberdeenshire, with figures waiting by the ferry

  • WENZEL PETER (Czech 1745-1829)

    WENZEL PETER (Czech 1745-1829)

    Wild Turkey

  • SIR HENRY RAEBURN R.A. R.S.A. (1756-1823)

    SIR HENRY RAEBURN R.A. R.S.A. (1756-1823)

    Portrait of Maria Sophia Abercromby, Mrs. David Monypenny, (Lady Pitmilly (1781-1842))

Founded by Nicholas Bagshawe in 1979, and joined by his wife the art historian Dr Kendall Bagshawe in 2006, Bagshawe Fine Art trades principally in British painting and sculpture of the eighteenth, nineteenth and early-­twentieth centuries. The firm specializes in the presentation of works of art­-historical significance destined for museums and important private collections, but also offers a diverse range of paintings by lesser-­known artists that evoke various aspects of British history and culture. The gallery, open by appointment, is located in the heart of St James’s, the traditional centre of the London art world.

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